Upstate Fitness Instructors look strong in Upstate Sport gear.


Meet: Madi 

Tell us about your role at Upstate?

I am the customer service superstar. I answer all email and phone enquiries that members send through.

What is your favourite way to move and sweat? 

My favourite way to sweat is Upstate Box –  it has a good mix of HIIT, strength and lots of fun allowing me to get my dance on.

What is a goal you’d like to achieve in 2022?

My 2022 goal is to purchase myself a new car. I have been in the same car since I was 16.. it has been a long 7 years and time for a well deserved upgrade.

Tell us about your favourite piece in the newest collection and why?

My favourite piece in the new collection would have to be the cropped crew in both colours. The colour ways are divine and the quality is next level soft!

What is most important to you when choosing activewear? 

I think the most important thing when choosing activewear is that you feel comfortable in it. Nothing makes a workout worse than if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing or are afraid it might be see through during squats etc

Favourite song to workout to?

I can’t say I have a favourite song to workout to, however anything R&B gets me in the mood to get a sweat on.

Favourite coffee spot?

I live on the Bellarine peninsula so my favourite local coffee and eats spot would have to be Queenscliff General Store. They have an amazing oat chai and the BEST Japanese inspired chilli fried eggs. To top it off, it is right next to my favourite swimming spot which is a secret I will never tell.

Favourite podcast?

I am more of a book person rather than podcasts, so my favourite books to keep me motivated would be anything written by Brene Brown. She is the best and has really changed my outlook on life!

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