Do I need to book ahead?

To be sure there’ll be space for you in class we highly recommend booking ahead of time. Our free app is the best way to secure your spot!

When do classes become available to book?

You can book your class 14 days in advance. Our free app is the best way to book classes. If you need to cancel, make sure you know about our Late Cancel/ No Show policy.

How does the waitlist work?

If a class you’d like to attend is full, you can sign up for the waitlist. On the app you’ll be able to see what place you are in line to secure a spot.
To be notified if a spot opens up make sure you are subscribed to class confirmation emails and SMS notifications. We promise we only contact you with the good stuff.
The cancellation policy applies to all classes you are added into from the waitlist.

Getting into class from the waitlist 

If you are offered a spot in the class you will receive an email and /or SMS notification. Woohoo!

More than 9 Hours before class 

You can text back “Y” to attend or “N” to decline. You must respond to text notifications in order of the most recently received unconfirmed class notification. If you do not reply, you’ll be automatically added to the class and marked as booked in. It’s time to sweat! You will not be charged a fee if you decline the class at least 9 hours in advance of the class start time.

Less than 9 hours before class

Any cancellations after the nine-hour mark or non-attendance of the class will count as a late-cancel/no-show. If you have multiple unconfirmed waitlist notifications, your reply applies to the most recent.

If you’re on the waitlist within the 9 hour window before class you will receive a text message when a spot opens up. (Yay!)
The system works through the order of the waitlist starting at #1 as priority.

You will only receive this alert once per class depending on your spot on the waitlist. The spot is still open to the whole public, so you need to book quickly to secure it. You’ve got this. 
This alert will cease at class check-in time (15 mins prior to class).

How do I secure my spot?
Open the Upstate App and next to the corresponding class simply click the “add to class” button.

Can I reply to the text message to book?
No. You must use the online booking system to secure your spot. The message serves as a prompt only (but slide into our DMs for a chat anytime).

How do I book a class at a different studio?

An awesome benefit of being an Upstate member is that you can book class at any Upstate Studio!

The exception to this is 30 Day Intro Offer Members and Foundation Memberships who are restricted to booking classes at their home studio. 

If you are on any other membership style you’re able to book in a class as another studio. Best way to do this is via our free app.

Click FILTERS in the top right corner and select your studio of choice to book in. 



How early should I arrive for class?

Our doors open 15 minutes before class and we recommend new Upstaters arrive 10 minutes early to get familiar with the studio space. Our classes always run on time, so if your class starts at 7.00AM the front door will be shut at 7.00AM. Plan to arrive early to enjoy your class.

What to bring?

Check out our class styles page to see exactly what you’ll need for class. In general, we recommend bringing a mat to mat classes and water and a sweat towel to every class.  To keep your bare-feet happy, Upstate does not allow glass bottles in the studio.

It's my first time in the hot room, what do I need to know?

All our mat classes are in a heated room. Heated classes allow you to find depth and power. Your muscles are warm and ready to move and your mind is focused and totally present. Expect to sweat and become besties with your water bottle and sweat towel. Our instructors will always offer modifications to dial up the intensity or to take it down a notch. You’ll walk out of class with a fresh state of mind and you’ll definitely be back for more!


What are your policies?

This policy applies to all classes at Upstate studios and includes all membership types including the Intro Offers

If you have booked to attend a class and wish to cancel your attendance, you must  cancel through the online booking system up to 9 hours prior to the scheduled commencement time for the class. Upstate Studios will not accept cancellations by phone, e-mail or any other method other than by using the online booking system.

Any cancellations after the 9 hour mark will be considered a Late Cancel. If you do not cancel your class and you do not attend, you will be considered a No Show. This includes classes you are added into from the waitlist.

Clients with unlimited memberships will be charged the following fees for each Late Cancel and No Show.
– Upstate Box or Reformer Pilates Classes Late Cancel Fee $15, No Show Fee $20.
– Mat Classes Late Cancel Fee $10, No Show Fee $15.

Clients with a casual pass or 10 class pass will result in the loss of one class for each Late Cancel and No Show.

Cancellation fees will be applied 48 hours after class.

By booking online you are agreeing to the late cancellation and no show policy.

The benefits of the policy are that you are more than likely to get into the classes you wish to attend. Members also tell us it also makes them accountable to show up for class! Once you book in, you are more likely to attend and less inclined to cancel out at the last minute.

How do I cancel a class?

Cancellations must be made on the free app or website and cannot be made via phone or email. By booking online, you are agreeing to the Late Cancel and No Show Policy.

Download our free app here.

What if I cancel class within 9 hours of class start time?

Any cancellations after the nine-hour mark or non-attendance of the class will count as a late-cancel/no-show. 

Why a 9 hour window?

Nine hours allows sufficient notice for a client waitlisted for a class to receive the notification that they have a spot in class and provides time for them to plan their day. 

When it’s less than nine hours, the feedback we have had is that it just doesn’t give adequate time for waitlistees. You might receive a text/email in the middle of the night or during your workday, and it’s too late to plan ahead. 

Monthly waivers

We understand that unexpected things can happen, which is why we automatically waiver 2 x late cancel/ no-show fees for our unlimited members every 30 days (calculated on a rolling 30-day period). After that, charges will apply. 

Late cancel and no shows fees

Members with unlimited memberships will be charged the following fees for each late cancel or no-show.

Reformer Pilates + Upstate Box: late cancel fee $15, no show fee $20.

Mat Classes: late cancel fee $10, no show fee $15.

Members with a casual pass or class pack will lose one class for each late cancel and no-show.

 *Cancellation fees are applied 48 hours after class.

*Please note the first two fees are waived every 30 days, calculated on a rolling 30-day period. 


Which class should I attend?

We welcome everyone who wants to join our positive community! It’s essential if you fit into the following categories that you read up on how we can accommodate you.

Pregnancy and coming to class

You may practice Power Flow, Hot Yoga (Bikram), Yin Yoga, Pilates Box, Power Reformer, Box, Box Explode and Box Strength when pregnant. However, we recommend only continuing to practice class styles that you have been consistently attending at Upstate or a similar studio for a minimum of 3-6 months.

Also, we request that you discuss the suitability of practicing these classes with your health-care practitioner and only practice if recommended to do so.

If you wish to practice while pregnant, please email us to discuss the recommended pregnancy modifications before attending a class. Please also view our Pregnancy modification videos.

Please note that practising is at your own risk, and it is your responsibility to practice the modifications with caution.

We do not recommend practising Pilates Burn, Hot Pilates, Pilates Strength, Power Reformer Jump or Power Reformer Burn.

We do not recommend practising for at least 6 weeks post-pregnancy and seek clearance from your health practitioner. We do not recommend practising Yin Yoga during the first 3-4 months post-pregnancy.

Injuries and coming to class

Most of our group classes are best suited to those without injuries. We recommend that you speak to a medical professional about any recent, serious injuries to get cleared for exercise before attending.

Under 16 and coming to class

The minimum age is 14 years; if you’re under 16, a parent or guardian will need to participate in class with you. 


I'm new, what membership should I choose?

For newbies we recommend the 30 day intro offer. You’ll get 30 days of unlimited classes for an awesome price. Check out your nearest studio. 

Can I suspend my membership?

We offer some great options for pausing your membership at Upstate. 


Weekly auto-pay, 12-month memberships can be suspended for a minimum of one week and a maximum of eight weeks per membership year.


Unfortunately, we do not offer suspensions on intro offer memberships.

To suspend, please contact your home studio here

Please allow 72 hours to process membership suspensions.

Do autopay members have a minimum commitment term?

The minimum term of the Weekly Auto Pay Unlimited Membership is 4-weeks (unless otherwise stated), you may not cancel the Weekly Auto Pay Membership before that date for any reason.

The term of the weekly membership commences when you purchase the membership or another date as agreed by Upstate Studios.

Weekly Memberships continue until you advise Upstate Studios via email to cancel the membership. 

Seven days notice is required to process cancellations.

To cancel your membership, please contact your home studio here

How do I cancel my Weekly Auto Pay Membership?

Weekly Memberships continue until you advise Upstate Studios via email to cancel the membership.

You are able to cancel your Weekly Auto Pay Unlimited Membership once you have completed the minimum term. 

Seven days notice is required to process cancellations.

To cancel your membership, please contact your home studio here


How do I buy a gift card?

If you want to buy a physical gift card you can purchase one at your local Upstate Studio. In studio gift cards cannot be activated via the app or online. Instead, the lucky gift recipient can use the card in the studio or email our customer service team to use it online.


You can also purchase a gift card online via the pricing page of your chosen studio and send it to a friend at the perfect time via our scheduled send feature.

Gift cards are valid for up to 3 years since date of purchase.

How do I redeem a gift card?

Gift cards purchased online can be redeemed through the Upstate App or via the online Mindbody Portal.

Gift Cards purchased in studio, can only be redeemed in studio or by contacting our customer service team. 


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