Can I take class if I am pregnant?

You may practice Power Flow, Hot Yoga (Bikram), Yin Yoga, Box HIIT, Power Reformer, and Upstate Box when pregnant. However, we recommend only continuing to practice class styles that you have been consistently attending at Upstate or a similar studio for a minimum of 3-6 months.

Also, we request that you discuss the suitability of practising these classes with your health care practitioner and only practice if recommended to do so.

If you wish to practice while pregnant, please email us to discuss the recommended pregnancy modifications before attending a class. Please also view our Reformer pregnancy modification video.

Please note that practising is at your own risk, and it is your responsibility to practice the modifications with caution.

For Live and On-Demand classes, you may practise Pilates Burn and Pilates Glutes by modifying the core exercises.

We do not recommend practising Pilates Burn, Pilates HIIT, Cardio Reformer or Power Reformer Burn.

We do not recommend practising Yin Yoga during the first 3-4months post-pregnancy.

Do you have a late cancellation or no show policy?

The Late Cancel and No Show Policy applies to ALL in-studio classes. However, it does not apply to live virtual classes.

You have up until nine hours before class to cancel your booking. Any cancellations made after the nine-hour mark will be considered a late cancel. If you do not cancel your booking and do not attend, you will be considered a no show.

Clients with unlimited memberships will be charged the following fees for each late cancel or no show.

Reformer Pilates + Upstate Box: late cancel fee $15, no show fee $20.

Mat Classes: late cancel fee $10, no show fee $15.

Clients with a casual pass or class pack will lose one class for each late cancel and no show.

Cancellation fees are applied 48 hours after class.

Please note the first two fees per month are waived.

Cancellations must be made on the app or website and cannot be made via phone or email. By booking online, you are agreeing to the Late Cancel and No Show Policy.

How does the waitlist work?

If a class you’d like to attend is full, we encourage you to sign up for the waitlist.

You are responsible for all classes that you are added to from the waitlist. The Booking Cancellation policy applies to all classes you are added in to from the waitlist.

Please make sure you are subscribed to class confirmation emails and SMS notifications.

Before the Nine Hour Cancellation Window:

If a spot opens up at least nine hours before the class start time, you will be added to the class and receive an email and /or SMS notification. You can text back “Y” to attend or “N” to decline.

If you do not reply, you’ll be automatically added to the class, and we’ll assume you’ll be attending.
If you have multiple unconfirmed waitlist notifications, your reply applies to the oldest unconfirmed class. Please note the waitlist text message becomes stagnant after 36 hours.

After the Nine Hour Cancellation Window:

The waitlist closes nine hours before class, and you will not automatically be added to the class after this point.
If you reply “N” to a waitlist notification within the 9 hour cancellation window, it will be considered a late cancellation.

During the nine hours before class, you can book directly as spots open up. Bookings made within the nine-hour cancellation window are still subject to the Late Cancel and No Show Policy.

The policy applies to all in-studio classes.

Why do we have this cancellation and no show policy in place?

Although we would prefer not to implement this policy, it is essential. Our experience shows that when we don’t have the policy in place, members cancel out of class late, not allowing sufficient time for other members to book in. This results in members missing out on attending the classes that they love.

What are the benefits for members having this policy?

The benefits are that you are more than likely to get into the classes you wish to attend.

Members tell us it makes them accountable as well! Once they book in, they are more likely to attend and less inclined to cancel out last minute.

Why does it have to be 9 hours? Why can't it be a shorter time frame?

Nine hours allows sufficient time for someone to receive the notification that they have moved from the waitlist into the class and provides time for them to plan to attend class. E.g. if it’s a 6:00 am class, and someone cancels just before the nine-hour mark, it would be around 9:00 pm (allowing time to plan the night before). If it’s a 5:00 pm class, they will receive the notification around 8:00vam.

When it’s less than nine hours, the feedback we have had is that it just doesn’t give adequate notification. You might receive a text/email in the middle of the night or during your workday, and it’s too late to plan ahead.

Why can't I email or ring to cancel out of class?

Whilst we check our emails and phone messages daily, there is a chance that we may not receive your email or phone message in time. The app is user friendly and the easiest way to book and cancel classes.

What if I have an injury?

Most of our group classes are best suited to those without injuries. We recommend that you speak to a medical professional about any recent, serious injuries to get cleared for exercise before attending.

How old do I need to be to attend classes?

For all Mat and Upstate Box classes, the minimum age is 14 years; if you’re under 16, you will need to come along with a parent or guardian.

The minimum age to attend Reformer Pilates classes is 16 years.

Can I suspend my membership if I’m going away?

Weekly auto-pay and 12-month memberships can be suspended for a minimum of one week and a maximum of six weeks per calendar year. Six-month memberships can be suspended for a minimum of one week and a maximum of three weeks.

To suspend, please contact us via email:

Geelong/Torquay/Newtown studios: geelong@upstatestudios.com.au

Balaclava and Fitzroy studios: melbourne@upstatestudios.com.au

Please allow 72 hours to process membership suspensions. Unfortunately, we do not offer suspensions on intro memberships.

Do auto-pay memberships have a minimum term?

There is no minimum commitment period. The term of the weekly membership commences when you purchase the membership or another date as agreed by Upstate Studios.

Weekly Memberships continue until you advise Upstate Studios via email to cancel the membership. Seven days notice is required to process cancellations.

To cancel your membership, please contact us via email:

Geelong/Torquay/Newtown studios: geelong@upstatestudios.com.au

Balaclava and Fitzroy studios: melbourne@upstatestudios.com.au

How do I redeem a gift card for classes or memberships?

Gift cards purchased online can be redeemed through Mindbody by clicking here.

Gift Cards can also be redeemed on the Upstate App.

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