Strong man with tattoos works out on reformer, doing pilates at Upstate Studios.

Why The Boys Are Doing Pilates

Let’s set the record straight, blue isn’t just for boys, and pilates isn’t just for girls. Flip your misconceptions about pilates with this two-minute myth-busting read.

What Kind of Men Do Pilates?

First off, here’s a little list of well-known fellas that all swear by Pilates. 

Lebron James

Andy Murray

David Beckham

Hugh Grant

What is Pilates?

Pilates has become such an essential part of our workouts that we take a reformer to our away games.” — Lawrence Frank, NBA Coach

Pilates is a style of exercise that gets you sweating and smiling on the mat or on a reformer (those impressive pieces of equipment with built-in resistance springs to dial up the intensity of your workout).

Athletes of all genders have pilates as a staple in their training regimes. Why? 

Because it’s a serious, bang-for-your-buck kind of movement style. It doesn’t take long to feel how the muscle targeting exercises connect and strengthen the entire body. 

If you like to move. You need pilates! Pilates can help prevent common injuries, by breaking the reliance on certain muscle groups and creating a more balanced distribution of muscle activation.

Pilates can help – stabilize joints, strengthen muscles, stretch it out and soften your racing mind after a busy day. 

The Reviews are In!

Our Upstaters have spoken.


Well rounded mat class with a focus on overall fitness – upper & lower body and abs. Great energy and instructors keep the flow moving along. As a participant, it can be made more challenging by using heavier weights and you are given options to adjust to your capability during the class. Good direction on technique and motivating.


Upstate are fantastic, the programs have helped me reach my fitness goals and have improved my balance and stability so much! They’re also super nice and make each session a laugh! Highly recommend.

Text the group chat and lock in a session now! 

Check out Pilates class styles at Upstate

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