Our Favourite Pre and Post Yoga Fuel  


The food we put into our bodies is the fuel that keeps us going. And that’s really important when we spend hours on the mat (or off the mat) working to get fitter and healthier. Before and after yoga are both important times when it comes to nutrition. It’s a time to give your body some healthy proteins, carbs, and fats to keep you nourished and energised.

But remember, when eating before yoga it’s best to make sure it’s a few hours prior to ensure you’re not feeling weighed down.

Some of our favourite go-to snacks?

Stay hydrated is number one. This means throughout the day even if you’re planning a late class. And then drink an additional top up an hour before class. If you practice first thing, start your day with a class of hot water and lemon to get the body moving and help you to stay hydrated.

 A protein smoothie or shake is a great way to get in all your macronutrients in the one go before or after hitting the mat. Try a combination of almond milk, your favourite protein powder, bananas, a green vegetable, and any additional supplements you might like. We go for all natural protein powders with as few ingredients as possible. And if you’re new to adding greens to your smoothie, go for spinach, as you won’t taste the difference.

A banana and a handful of almonds. This is the perfect pre-yoga snack. When you’re low on energy or haven’t eaten much, the almonds will provide great protein and good fats to keep you satisfied, while the banana is packed with carbohydrates that will keep your energy levels up during your practice. But both are light, meaning you can move and stretch comfortably.

Go for alkaline foods post class. After a strong sweaty class there may be a lot of lactic acid in the body. Alkaline foods helps to balance out your acidity levels and bring some more balance back to the body. Go for raw foods, and fruits like grapefruits, mangos, melons, papaya, apples, avocados, berries, dates, grapes, nectarines, oranges, peaches, pears, pineapple, and pomegranate.

Protein should always be in your post yoga meal (and every meal). If you’re practicing nice and early in the morning, an omelette filled with veggies is a great choice, while after a night practice a serving of protein along with lots of fresh veggies is our recommendation.

Sometimes the right fuel is the difference between feeling sluggish on the mat, and hitting that pose you’ve been striving towards for months. Give one of these a go and see how you feel. Planning is your friend.

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