How Yoga, Pilates and High Intensity Training Work Together

Sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in a routine. Doing a lot of what you love or what you’re used to and before you realised it, you haven’t done anything new in a long time. We love to do a lot of yoga, but we know that other forms of exercise can really help us to develop our body and our minds.

Yoga Improves Your Core

If you’ve ever done a yoga class, you’d know that all of a sudden you’re working core muscles you didn’t know existed. In our yoga practice, everything from breathing to handstands works our entire core. And that not only helps us stay supported and safe in everyday life, it’s going to help you stay strong and supported during your high intensity workouts.

Yoga Increases flexibility

Yoga is also is known for its benefits on flexibility. It helps to safely lengthen out those problem areas in the body, especially hamstrings, hips, and chest. This is going to help you limit your risk of injury during anything else that you do. When the body is more open, it reduces the risk of pushing yourself further than the body can go. It also allows you to get more out of your workout as you can safely push yourself further knowing your body has an increased range of movement.

HIIT Increases Cardiovascular Fitness 

HIIT training helps you to increase your overall fitness, which allows you to feel stronger throughout all of your faster paced yoga classes, allowing you to dive deeper into your practice without having to scale back due to fatigue. When you can sweat your way through a HIIT class, a power yoga class that really gets your heart rate up is going to be an easier thing to accomplish.

HIIT Increases Overall Strength

Those with a regular yoga practice know that a lot of the poses require a lot of strength. And while yoga is amazing to build muscle, HIIT and resistance training can really help you to develop overall body strength a little faster than yoga can. This can help you to work on those stronger poses, like arm balances and inversions, faster and with more control.

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