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Meet your 2024 Bali Retreat Hosts!

A group of people enjoy yoga in an open air shala in Thailand on the Upstate Studios retreat.

Meet your Pilates superstar Bec and Find your flow with Leni

What excites you most about the Retreat?

Leni:  I am super excited to get back to the Komune day spa. Their massages are incredible! And nothing beats a treatment after a week of Upstate classes.

Bec: Relaxing by the pool, endless spa treatments, cycling tour and hanging with some amazing people all week!

What’s your favourite thing about the retreat location?

 Leni: It feels like paradise! With ample spots to hangout, relax and unwind. Beach front pool? Hello!

Bec: Beautiful scenery, relaxing and refreshing vibes as well as delicious food!

What’s one thing you hope people take away from this retreat?

 Leni: I would love everyone to leave feeling rejuvenated! A week connecting with like-minded people and lots of fun team sweats of course.

Bec: Reset, Relax and Recharge – i hope everyone leaves feeling strong, empowered and motivated

Describe your class vibe? 

Leni: On this retreat I’ll be teaching all things yoga. You can expect my Power Flow classes to be strong and steady! Funky beats with lots of encouragement to have a play and try something new. In the evenings we will find our chill zone with Yin. Recover, unwind and reflect.

Bec: High Vibes & a strong energy – students walk away feeling sweaty, fiery and powerful!

Quick Fire

What would be your go-to poolside beverage? 

Leni: Fresh coconut!! Or a spicy marg!
Bec: Aperol spritz everyday

What is your role at Upstate and which classes do you teach?
Leni: I am the Content and Communication Manager at Upstate. I also teach Hot Pilates and Yoga.
Bec: Head Sequence Trainer – All Reformer, Mat and Boxing styles

Which studio/s are you based at?
Leni: Currently Geelong but will be transferring to our new Ascot Vale location this November.
Bec: Geelong Region

Sunrise beach walk OR Sunset drinks? 
Leni: Why can’t we have both!
Bec: Both

Find adventure OR lean into your chill?
Leni: Chill state for me
Bec: Lean into my chill

Read a book OR listen to a podcast?
Leni: In Bali definitely read a book
Bec: Read a book

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