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Late Cancel Waiver Update!

We have updated our late cancel/no-show auto waivers

  • Unlimited members will now receive two FREE waivers every 30 days.
  • Once the two waivers have been used within the past 30 days a late cancel / no show fee applies.
  • Waivers are calculated on a rolling 30 day period, starting from the time of processing (48 hours later).
  • The system will scan the past 30 days to determine if waivers have been used and charge accordingly.

* Please note that when a fee is waived you will receive an email automation advising of this to help keep you on track.

You can view our full Late Cancellation & No Show Policies here.

An example of how this works…

  • John is a no show for the 16/06 – the system will scan 30 days prior at the time of processing (on 18th), there are no previous late cancels / no shows to date.  #1 free waiver is applied to the no show class on 16/06.
  • John then late cancels on the 24/06 – the system will scan back 30 days prior at the time of processing (on 26th).  It picks up no show record from the 16/06.  #2 free waiver is  applied to the late cancel on 24/06.

  • John is a no show on the 02/07 – at the time of processing the system scans back 30 days, takes into account the above 2 free waivers and then charges the first no show.

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