Strong and happy Upstater boxes on a bag at Upstate Studios in the Box Room

Want to level up your boxing? Here’s how!

Hitting the heavy bag is one thing. But hitting the heavy bag with pro technique is a whole different story! We’ve got a few simple tips that you can start to work into your Upstate Box classes to level up your form and give you the ultimate boxing workout.   

  1. Always measure your distance 

This is an important one! Before starting your rounds, measure out the distance to the bag. Get a feel for where your punches are going to land. When hitting Jab’s + Crosses, you want to make sure you are standing away from the bag so you can get a full arm extension when you strike. With your hooks and uppercuts, try standing a little closer to the bag. 

  1. Use your entire body

Your punches start from the ground up. Make sure your stance is strong and you are using your core. This will make your punches powerful. 

  1. Don’t forget to breathe.

When hitting the bag, make sure you EXHALE. When pulling the arm back you want to INHALE. 

  1. RELAX!

Relaxing is probably the last thing you think about in this power packed workout. But staying relaxed actually allows your body to move quicker and more fluidly. That means more SPEED and more POWER!

  1. Don’t be afraid to move. 

Moving while punching is what adds even more power! As you work the bag, step into punches, and use your body as much as possible. 

  1. Have a strong stance

A proper boxing stance allows you to move more freely and keeps you stable. Feet should be staggered with your non-dominant foot forward, about shoulder width apart, and have your arms up and gloves in front of your face. 

  1. Always come back to your fighter’s stance. 

Remember to always retract punches back to your face/head. Keeping your hands by your face, and not down by your waist, helps to add proper technique and power. Great punches come from up top, not down at the waist!

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