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Reformer Pilates – get ready to feel the burn in your glutes!

Have you ever been in a reformer pilates class and your instructor says feel the burn deep in those glutes? But all you’re getting it a sore hip or hamstrings? Chances are you’re one of the lucky ones with “lazy glute syndrome”.  But don’t worry it can be cured!

When performing lunges, squats or side lying legs in straps on the reformer, the dominant body part being targeted is your bum! More often than not it’s actually common that when instructed to switch your glut muscles on, most students in the room actually don’t know how too.  However, with these three tricks, we ensure you’ll be firing up the right muscle in no time.

Hip alignment – 

By checking your hips are in alignment will ensure your bum muscles switch on.

Whether your standing for lunges or lying on your side, your two hipbones should be pointing directly in front of you. Pretend they have red lasers shooting off into the distance! Keep them straight.

External Rotation – 

When lying down on the side for legs in straps, turn your toes slightly up towards the ceiling. This minor adjustment of your Femur (main leg bone) in the hip socket will automatically switch that bum on! BUT be warned, those hipbones shouldn’t shift, keep those lasers pointing forward.

Slight bend of the knee – 

By slightly bending your knee either while standing or lying get the fire burning. When preforming lunges on the reformer, you’ll notice that the burn is in the leg that’s standing – rather that the leg that’s necessarily moving on the carriage. Why? The stabilising leg (as we like to call it) is in a ‘tensing’ position, by bending from the knee, it’s sending a message to your booty to hold and brace the moving leg. BURN BABY BURN!

Give these a go! Speak to your instructor either before or after class if you feel you need the cure to lazy glute syndrome!

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