Man in Warrior 2 yoga pose at Upstate Studios in heated mat room.


One of the incredible benefits of our yoga practice is its ability to connect us to the earth and help us feel more connected to our physical body. This can help us slow the mind, connect to sensation, and feel calmer and more settled. And this is something we could all benefit from every now and then. While our whole practice can ground us, there are some poses that encourage the body and mind to ground down more than others. Usually when we allow ourselves to be low to the ground and supported, or when both our feet are connected into our mat we’re going to feel more connected. Here are some of our favourite poses when we’re looking to ground down, reconnect to our bodies, and slow down our minds.

Childs Pose

The ultimate grounding pose.


Starting from tabletop, all fours, bring your knees as wide as your mat, your feet together, and sink your hips back to your heels. Rest your forehead onto the ground and allow your arms to extend out in front of you, relaxing on the mat.


This pose allows the body to be completely supported by the ground. Your legs, hands, and forehead are all connected. This allows the body to relax and allows your mind to start to turn inwards rather than looking for stimulation elsewhere. It also opens the hips and pelvis, which is where our root chakra and grounding energy centre lives.

Warrior Two

A strengthening and grounding shape.


From high lunge, drop your back heel to the ground at about 75-90 degrees. Your front foot stays forward and your front knee is bent. Arms are reaching to opposite ends of the room. Hips are opening.


This shape enables us to feel really grounded, as we are standing strong into both feet. It also allows us to feel strong at the same time, which is a great sensation when wanting to connect into the body.

Goddess Pose

Burn that fire while connecting in.


Standing on your mat, turn both feet to point in the same direction. Then turn your heels in and your toes out. Your feet want to be wider than hip distance apart. Then sink your tailbone down into a squat-like position, keeping your chest up.


This shape allows us to burn heat in the body and build strength in the glutes and the legs. Again it connects us to that grounded energy in the base of the spine, while also keeping us lower to the ground and connected into both feet.

 Yogi Squat

 A great hip opener and grounded pose.


Standing at the top of your mat, bring your feet about mat distance apart. Turn your toes out and your heels in and sink your hips all the way down. Trying to keep your heels onto the ground if you can. You can sit onto a block to make this easier on the body.


This shape allows us to open the hips, inner thighs, and ankles. This helps us balance and connect to our root chakra and the grounding energy that lives there. It also, again, keeps us connected to both feet, while being low to the ground.

Forward Fold


Sitting with your legs extended out in front of you (knees as bent as you need), gently tilting from your hips, fold over your legs. Let your hands land wherever they land.


Forward folds are incredibly grounding and calming for the system. Not only does this particular fold keep us on the ground and supported by the mat, but the shape in general slows the body

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