Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Whether you’re new to the Pilates scene or have joined into a few Mat classes – Reformer Pilates is a workout like no other. It’s a combination of strength and stability movements that has professionals praising its vast list of benefits for your muscles and the mind.

Like other forms of Pilates, reformer is a phenomenal workout to strengthen the body’s powerhouse (your core), glutes and lower back (just to name a few) so it’s no wonder professionals of the likes of Physiotherapist and Osteopaths recommend this type of resistance training for deep muscle building.

The reformer machine requires you to work against resistance that can be adjusted by using a combination of the 5 springs. Training with resistance helps build strength. Although Pilates doesn’t look like it’s burning a ton of calories or breaking a sweat, the proof of consistent practise is in your leaner toned muscles. By incorporating Pilates props; such as weights, ball or pilates circle, the class is jam packed with new interesting sequences that work the entire body!

Pilates relies on the integration of mind and body. Focusing on how your mind and body relate as you work through the exercise can help boost daily concentration and has been suggested to improve thinking, not to mention the overall awesome-ness you feel from completing a 45min workout session.

How to survive your first Reformer Pilates class 

So you’ve signed up, booked in and set your alarm (and good intensions) for the early morning reformer class.  NOW WHAT!

Here are some of our tips on what to do before your first reformer class by a Reformer instructor;

  • Show up 10 minutes earlier than the class begins.
  • Tell your instructor it’s your first class – don’t be embarrassed chances are there are a few of you.
  • During the class listen out for beginner options, spring choices and exercise modifications. If you feel you can go a little stronger grab the attention of your instructor.
  • Do follow lead from other students! Some of our regulars are our best form of teacher during class.
  • If you feel fatigued, REST! Don’t push yourself just because the person next to you is doing a push up with one finger!
  • Don’t forget to HAVE FUN and BREATH!
  • Make sure you refuel after class

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