A Morning Ritual for a Productive Day

When we start the day right, we set ourselves up to be happier and more productive for the entire day. There are a handful of things we can do first thing in the morning to keep us in the right mindset no matter what our day throws at us. We like to take around an hour to really get ourselves set for the day. But of course, depending on your time restrictions you can choose one or all of these things and combine them together to create a ritual of your own. And play around with other activities you know put you in a good mindset.


Meditation is one of the most tried and tested ways to get our minds right before we start our day. Simply five or ten minutes of sitting, breathing and watching the thoughts is all we need. Non-matter what happens in that time, when we do it every day, we can start to slow the mind and even learn how to have more control over the thoughts. It also allows us to stop and pause, rather than rushing head first into the day. 

Set an Intention

Setting an intention is very powerful. Rather than a goal or a destination that we want to achieve, setting an intention is about deciding how we want to move through our day and how we want to feel. Once we decide how we want to feel, when something happens to us, we can look to our intention to help us decide how to respond to the world around us. It helps us choose responses that can keep us feeling how we want to feel.

Eat a wholesome breakfast

 Your mum was right. A healthy and wholesome breakfast first thing is the morning is really important for our health and our mood. It kick starts our metabolism, gives us energy first thing in the morning when the body needs it most, and sets us up for a healthier day. If we start healthy, we’re more likely to continue that way later on.


 Grateful people are happy people, not the other way around. Take one minute each morning to write down three things you’re grateful for. Either from that day, or something that’s come before it. Over time, this practice allows what we have to feel like enough.


 If you can fit it in, movement first thing in the morning can be a beautiful way to set up your day. It gives us endorphins first thing, helps our body move and stretch from the night’s sleep, and it helps us fit in our exercise, rather than often putting it off come night time.


Journaling is a really nice way to get things out of your mind so you don’t have to think about them all day. Good, bad, or otherwise. Take five minutes and simply write down what comes to mind. Things you’re thinking about, deciding on, things you’ve noticed. If more comes to you, write more. It helps us to stop the overthinking and can often help us come to a solution, as a different part of the brain has to kick in when we write it all down.

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