4 Reasons Why Boxing Will Be Your New Addiction

We LOVE boxing. Why? Well first and foremost you get the benefits of both a strength and cardio workout at the same time (hell yes!). And secondly (probably our favourite) you get to unleash you inner badass for 45 minutes!

If that doesn’t get you motivated, maybe a few of these punching perks will…

  1. See you later stress & hello endorphins

What ever’s got you stressed out, boxing will calm you down PLUS the rush of endorphins that come from a hard hitting workout will make you happier to. When you are pushing yourself through a couple minutes of high intensity punching, you don’t have much mental power to worry about any of your current frustrations.  It’s unlike any other workout. Endorphin levels also peak when you working through High Intensity Interval Training as a-posed to a moderate intensity workout. You’ll leave ready to tackle whatever comes at you next.

2.Sculpt EVERY muscle

Have you ever woken up the next day, post boxing class, feeling like your entire body has taken a beating? That’s because it has! Those who tell you that you’ll only work your upper body when you box are wrong. So so wrong. Each punch you throw you are driving power form your legs and you hips. Along with this, you’ll feel it in your shoulders, back and core too. Once you get it right, you’ll know that you need to switch all of those muscles on to get the most out of each workout.

3.Kiss those calories goodbye

This is probably the #1 benefit that anyone who boxes will see.

Boxing challenges the likes of running and cycling when it comes to cardio. When performing high intensity training, you not only say goodbye to a heap of calories during the session, but also hours after your class has ended. Plan to punch away between 200 and 400 calories during a half hour boxing class.

4. Did we mention that boxing also improves your total body strength

All that punching, jumping & kicking takes some serious strength. And think our boxing class also includes core burning exercise (think crunches, planks, and more crunches) & HIIT rounds (yes that means burpees). So combine that with weighted shadow boxing and you’ve got yourself a strength building class like no other.

So basically, if you’ve been thinking about trying it there’s only one thing to do. Meet us on the mat and get ready for your newest addiction.

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