Reformer Pilates

Power Reformer

Your full body BURNER and our signature Reformer class. 45 minutes of strong, toning exercises that target the entire body with a side of good vibes and great tunes. You’ll feel motivated to power up and give it your all.

You can find Power Reformer at Fitzroy, Balaclava, Geelong and Newtown studios.

Cardio Reformer

Fast paced and powerful, we up the intensity of this class by adding the jump board to your Reformer. With a focus on abs, arms and the lower body, you’ll build strength and leave shining your sweaty best!

You can find Cardio Reformer at Fitzroy, Balaclava and Geelong studios.

Reformer Pilates Upstate

Power Reformer Burn

This body burner class is fast, fiery and full of energy. Repetition is key to this full body workout, raising your heart rate to push you into new limits. Feel the good vibes kick in as we challenge and motivate you to work hard through fast paced movements. Get ready to leave feeling strong, satisfied and ready to take on the world.

You can find Power Reformer Burn at Fitzroy, Balaclava, Geelong and Newtown studios.

Reformer Pilates Upstate Studios
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