Hot Pilates

Pilates HIIT

Strength meets cardio in this energetic mix of strong pilates and HIIT exercises. Crunch, plank and burpee your way to the strongest version of you! We ramp the room up to 34 degrees so you can go deeper and reap the ravishing rewards.

You can find Pilates HIIT at Fitzroy, Balaclava Geelong and Torquay studios.

Pilates Burn

We’re looking at you: glutes, core and arms. A full body workout, focused on feeling the fire as you dominate new depths. Using hand weights to up the ante, you’ll work through a toning and strengthening pilates sequence. Glow along with equal parts happiness and determination in the 34 degree room.

You can find Pilates Burn at Fitzroy, Balaclava, Geelong and Torquay studios.

Hot Pilates

Pilates + Flow

First up, this full body pilates workout is all about feeling the burn from the moment you step onto your mat.
With a focus on glutes, arms & abs, you’re guaranteed to leave class feeling strong and full of good vibes. With a quick transition you’ll move straight into a powerful yoga flow that will strengthen the mind and body.

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