Man's arm pulls on reformer pilates bed strap as he works out at Upstate Studio.

Why the surf pros love pilates

One thing for sure, when there are waves, there will be surfers. We’re lucky enough that our Torquay studio is situated right next to some of Australia’s best surf waves. So if you’ve dreamt of hangin’ 10 at Bells like the Pros or want to enhance your surf style then our Pilates classes are for you.  Just ask Pro surfer Steph Gilmore – she’s a pilates gal through and through

Why is pilates so good for surfers? We’ve listed 3 of the main benefits for you.


Pilates is a core-based technique that involves the whole body.  Your ab muscles support your lower back. – Somewhere that most surfers will feel pain form time to time. Strong core will allow you to transfer weight between your upper and lower body with greater power and speed!


Balance and surfing go hand in hand. Being able to balance on your surfboard is one of the most fundamentals to the actual sport. Pilates will challenge and strengthen your stabilising muscles. Which with regular training will help maintain a desired body position on your board when going from tummy to feet.


Pilates unlike gym work, helps create long lean muscle. Being flexible is important for both your surfing performance and injury prevention. When you’re faced with powerful waves (even the smaller ones), your body can get controlled into all sorts of positions. So having flexible and strong muscles will help reduce the chance of over stretch of the ligaments and tendons. OUCH!

Easter on the Surf Coast brings the most talented surfers from around the world; the Rip Curl Pro is on!  Upstate Torquay is celebrating the Rip Curl Pro with the addition of some gnarly surf style moves in our hot pilates classes and awesome rock tunes.

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