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Class Styles

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Some days we sweat, others we stretch and restore. So we created our class styles to fit into your lifestyle.  You’ll unlock your potential through yoga, reformer pilates and hot pilates. It’s your access to a full body and mind experience. And you don’t have to be overly fit or flexible to join the fun. We welcome all levels in all classes. Here’s how each style challenges your body, refreshes your mind and delivers a damn good time along the way.



Move with the flow. Here’s where we delve deep into the dynamic world of vinyasa. This modern sequence favours presence, alignment and connection, and we add exceptional backing tunes to keep you in the zen zone. It’s a balanced blend of simple but strong movements, and it all goes down in a 34 degree room.


You’re going to sweat, you’re going to challenge yourself and you’re going to go deeper. And you’re going to do it all in 40 degree goodness. Empowering consistency, these 60 minute classes are ideal for tracking and improving flexibility, strength and balance.


Yin Yoga. Feeling out of balance? Your busy ‘yang’ day is craving a serving of yin. This peaceful practice awakens and rebalances the physical and emotional self. Long holds work deep to unlock tension and cultivate stillness. These classes are like a lovely hug, practiced in a warm room with music to help you melt.


Your zen cleanse is calling. Pour yourself into our 50-minute yin and sound bath meditation and gently melt away tension. Leave behind your day as you unlock tension with yin yoga whilst being bathed in the soothing sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls. The clever sound waves work while you rest, restoring harmony to your body and mind with ease.

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Time to HIIT the mat. A powerful synergy of mat pilates and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) awaits. This energetic mix will strengthen your core, tone your body and burn fat in one brilliant burst. We ramp the room up to 34 degrees so you can go deeper and reap the ravishing rewards.


Work it to perk it. Step onto your mat and feel the fire as you dominate new depths. We’re looking at you: glutes, core and arms. A full body focus unleashes the intensity, with a specialised pilates sequence and hand weights fusing to target, tone and strengthen. Glow along with equal parts happiness and determination in the 34 degree room.

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Our irresistible offering. Push or pull against the resistance of the reformer, building strength as you power through a series of toning exercises. We follow the reformer principles, but turn up the intensity for the ultimate outcome. The added boost will define your core, sculpt your muscles and improve your flexibility. Now that’s our kind of reform school.


Reach for your cardio crown. We add the jump board to your reformer to get your heart racing and have you shining your sweaty best. You’ll spring through a fast-paced combination of strengthening exercises targeting your core, glutes and legs. Upbeat tunes energetically escort you to strength town.


Challenge. Sweat. Burn

This body burner class is fast, fiery and full of energy. Repetition is key to this full body workout, raising your heart rate to push you into new limits. Feel the good vibes kick in as we challenge and motivate you to work hard through fast paced movements. Get ready to leave feeling strong, satisfied and ready to take on the world.

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Let’s get sweaty! Meet us on the mat for a 45 minute, full body, high intensity workout!! With the heat set to a toast 29 degrees, this class will push your limits with bursts of cardio and strength exercises.


If you crave a good sweat session Box HIIT will be your new addiction. Box HIIT is a 45-minute boxing inspired fitness class that features shadow boxing, high intensity interval training, core and strength work. Heated to a warming 29 degrees you can expect to leave class feeling sweaty, strong and empowered.


Upstate Box

A dedicated boxing studio where you can unleash your inner strength under the neon lights.

Glove up and get ready to sweat Upstaters as we’re bringing you your newest addiction. This boxing fitness inspired class will have you feeling pumped as you box to the beat on heavy boxing bags. You’ll feel the energy rise as you work through a 45-minute heart racing, sweat dripping, strength building, full-body workout that pushes you into new limits.

What you’ll need for class?

Boxing gloves + wraps (gloves available for hire $5 and wraps available to purchase $25 in the studio)

Sneakers Required

Towel Required

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