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Top 10 tips ‘How to create a Vibrant Upstate’

by Gail Asbell

In early September our Upstate team celebrated all things Vibrant in life at an evening hosted by Mt Duneed Estate, called The Vibrant You. It was a night in which a panel of 3 perfectly inspiring women discussed how they achieved their goal of living their best lives.  Half of our sister duo, Gail, was asked to be apart these inspirational women. Her talk was the journey of how Upstate was developed from once a Bikram Yoga ONLY studio to the constantly innovative community of Upstate Yoga + Pilates that so many of you (and us) love today.

Gail’s speech left many inspired, as she discussed her top 10 tips to her most Vibrant Self. Whether you wish to start a business, push further in your career or simply just find a way to better your day-to-day life. The following golden ticket tips are sure to resonate and stimulate a spark to finding your #upstate.

Read with Care be inspired if you Dare

1. Work/Life/Balance.

It is ONE BIG AMAZING LIFE! I don’t believe in separating work, family or friends into individual categories that never cross over. Running your own business is all encompassing, 7 days a week.  You are always thinking about it. The best thing to do is simply ride the wave and let go of the guilt. Ask for help or outsource where you need the extra hand.

2. Mindset is everything! Whether you think you can or can’t your right 

Do not be limited by own self beliefs. Dream big and Don’t sweat the small stuff.

3. Back Yourself. Make decisions, Take risks.

You have to back yourself 100%.  Don’t be surprised if people think your crazy!  Sometimes the people closest to you will have the most concern.

So ask yourself, If not now, then when?

4. If it’s not a Hell Yes, it’s a Hell No.  Vibes don’t lie.

Our Filter for making decisions, if you really have to think too much about something or talk yourself into something its probably a no. It’s ok to say no to things!

5. Evolvebut stick to your values. 

If we were doing what we were doing 10 years ago we would be out of business. Be open to change and evolve.  Keep on open mind and a grateful heart.

6. Know what gives you energy and make time for it.

When you’re running on empty or overwhelmed, know what gives you clarity

7. Recruit Well

Your Tribe is your Vibe. Positivity is contagious as much as negativity. It’s amazing the impact people around you can have, so make sure you surround yourself with positive glowing people.

8. Success Leaves Clues

Look to other businesses or people that are killing it.  I have a slight obsession with podcasts and books of people’s stories mostly business related. For me there are always lessons to be learned. Don’t fall into the comparison trap, keep your eyes on your own race and be inspired.


Hustle in life, hustle in play, hustle in relationships.  We only have one shot at this amazing experience of life. Things will not just land in your lap, You have to chase, go for it.


Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Enjoy yourself and enjoy the company of others.


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