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Southside Geelong

by Gail Asbell

Sometimes good things come together to make something great. And that’s exactly what’s happened with Southside Geelong, the all day eatery offering up wholefoods with an interior and style to match.

Southside is large minimalist space with touches of wood, greenery, artwork, and natural light. What more does one want from a place that lets them eat and shop. Pair that with a laidback, surfer atmosphere and we think not much. Southside is a place you want to hang out in. It’s also a space that will make you want to re-do your house.

When it comes to the food you can munch on anything from a bacon, egg, and avocado toastie, cranberry and macadamia granola, organic acai bowls, and even bowls of eggs, vegetables, and grains in the mornings. Lunch turns into toasted sandwiches and tacos, while the weekends see artisan pizzas being added to the list of things to eat.

Drinks range from coffee and tea, to fresh juices and smoothies. We have to say we’re a fan of the peanut butter, banana, cacao, vanilla, and milk smoothie.

When it comes to the shop, you can look through art and clothes that will make you think twice about what you hang on your walls and putting in your cupboard. You might also find a magazine you’ve never heard of, a hat you really need, or a knife that will complete your kitchen.

Go for the coffee, stay for the store.

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