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Never work out alone with our REAL-TIME classes! We’re bringing you over 40 live classes a week led by our squad of rockstar instructors, giving you the motivation (who doesn’t love a personal shoutout) to show up every day! Get ready for an instant boost of happiness and connection as you sweat it out together!

Choose from Boxing, Pilates and Yoga classes! We’ve got 28 minute workouts that can fit easily  into any schedule plus our signature 45 minute classes. 

Awarded ClassPass Top Global Live Stream Partner and number one in Australia. 


Sweat dripping – feel-good workouts that you can take with you anywhere!

Choose from our ever-updating library of On Demand classes that you can access 24/7! From 10-minute arm-sculpting workouts to 45-minute ab-burning, thigh-shaking workouts, you’ll find the perfect class for you!

Start your Upstate journey off strong with 5 classes per week! We guarantee you’ll feel stronger in no time!

I love the array of classes on offer and how every workout is different than the next. The instructors are friendly and enthusiastic and I love how they give shout outs regularly during the live classes - definitely helps with staying motivated!
I've been doing Upstate classes nearly everyday in lockdown 6.0 and absolutely love it. My body and mind are getting stronger, I can't thank you guys enough 🔥👊💛
I like the variety and accessibility - lots of different classes, at many times, that are adaptable for fitness level. It's been a lifesaver during lockdowns!
I love the live streaming and on demand service provided by Upstate. The classes are high energy, great for strengthening and give the best home workout I've had. They have me coming back daily - which is a feat in itself! I highly recommend joining us.
Have really enjoyed the live classes and on-demand catalog of recorded classes. Great instructors with lots of energy!
The live online classes are so good. There are heaps of different class times throughout the mornings and evenings, which I find really convenient. Definitely recommend trying it out!
Virtual classes are fantastic, Great instructors, great variety, with numerous options every day
I love being able to workout via zoom at home. I have three young kids and a partner who works different hours everyday. I enjoy it being on zoom where I can’t skip through moves. I feel more accountable.
Amazing short workouts, instructors are so motivating, I can't get enough!!
I've been using ClassPass during lockdown and keep going back to Upstate classes. They're so good and effective. Trainers are awesome and they take a lot of care when taking a virtual class.
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