Shall We Join the 5am Club?

Time is precious. Life is sometimes a juggling act of plans, multitasking, doing things that others want or need you to do, and let’s be honest, procrastination. The answer to this has been offered to us in the form of the 5am club. A solution to multitasking and interruptions. A solution a lot of us are probably avoiding, due to the alarm clock that would be involved.

Let’s look at why a daily 5am start might be worth it.

The hours between 5am and 8am are special. Firstly, they come with very limited distractions. No one is messaging you, emailing you, or expecting you to be doing things for them. It’s a time that is wholly dedicated to you, your plans, your projects, your health and wellbeing. All you have to do is decide what that might include.

What might you do?

Get in the flow and be productive

Do you have work that needs to be done, that doesn’t need you to be super sharp? This is the perfect time. The mind is quiet – which means you might not have the best ideas, but it also means it has the space to get sh*t done. Once a strategy or plan has been put in place, the work can be executed in these quiet hours when no one will drag you away. 

Prioritise health

One of the biggest complaints around staying fit and healthy is a lack of time. When you get up at 5am, there are plenty of hours left in the day for movement and healthy meals. This could mean a short walk in the morning, a 6am yoga class, or a healthy breakfast made with wholefoods that might usually take too much time or effort.

Find your purpose

Our lives are so busy that we end up putting ourselves on autopilot. We go to work, do our hobbies, go to the gym or yoga studio, go home, spend time with whoever we spend time with, then go to bed and do it all over again. Depressing? Only if you’re not living the life you’re meant to live. If you’re struggling to find happiness and that ‘sweet spot’ use this time for exploration. What do you enjoy? What would you do if no one was paying you? Maybe you find it and use these hours to do it, honing skills before it can become work and play.


These hours are perfect for meditation. The world is quiet, so your mind has fewer distractions. There is also less that you have to be doing so excuses go out the window. Try starting with five minutes.

Create a morning ritual

Always wanted to be a person with a morning ritual? These few hours before your day actually has to begin allow you space to play and figure out a set of things that set you up perfectly for your day ahead. Once you’d got it down, you do that everyday.


It takes time and it takes planning. Firstly, go to be early enough that you’re still getting seven hours of sleep. That means 10pm at the very latest. And do it in stages. If you currently get up at 7am each morning, start with 6.45am, then 6.30am, and so on. You can train your body, slowly but surly. Eventually it will be a habit. And you’ll feel rested if you’re getting the hours of shuteye in.

While people say “you’ve got as many hours in the day is Beyonce”, that’s true, but not if you sleep through them.

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