5 ways to feel good and well during cold winters

When it’s cold, crisp and dark outside from the time you go to work and the time you get home – winter can feel a little, well, long and depressing. Motivation may plummet and hibernation is the only thing on your mind (that’s not a bad thing!) But we thought we would share some ways we like to feel good and well during the cold gloomy months.

  1. Start the day with apple cider vinegar, lemon and ginger.

Yes you’ve heard this many times before rolling eye emoji – But this tangy concoction actually gives you the health benefits it claims it does!

The combination of apple cider vinegar, lemon and ginger has properties in it to kill / fight harmful bacterias – Perfect for flu season.

We recommend mixing them in warm water or even adding a pinch of cayenne or turmeric powder for a little extra heat!

  1. Treat yourself to wintery scented sprays and candles.

You can make your home a serene wintery stress free zone. Try scents such as woody, amber, nutty ones! Even leather and tobacco can get the good vibes flowing. Make a little routine of coming home and lighting a candle or having an aromatic relaxing bath with a tea or chai latte.

If essential oils are more your thing – try Lavendar, Frankincence or Peppermint oil.

We like to shop at our friends Our Satellite Hearts for all essential oils and yummy candles. They are located on James Street, Geelong City – You can’t miss the PINK shop front!

  1. Plan cosy nights or weekends with family and friends.

Sometimes the thought of going out in the cold to meet friends during winter can be a bit of a drag – So why not try nights in. Each person brings a little something, binge watch a TV show and drink a little wine!

And honestly If you said you didn’t like wine with a charcuterie-sharing platter – we would call you a liar.

  1. Start a fitness challenge with friends.

Sometimes commitments are easier when there is a group of you, plus a little guilt from friends if you don’t show up, never hurt no body!

Are you and your friends all Upstate Members? Why don’t you try booking in to the same classes two – three times a week! Weekend classes are always an easy one, after class you can go get a coffee or brunch – maybe even a wine 😉

Booking is super easy with our app! Head to your phone’s app store, search for Upstate Yoga and download! It’s free and super easy to use.

  1. Start a ritual.

Whether it’s brewing that early morning lemon and ginger shot (see number 1) or Sunday afternoons pamper session – set aside some time for YOU once a week. We recommend trying a one-hour self pamper session – Play some soothing Leon Bridges (he serenades us most nights!), Light a woody candle, take a warm bath, moisturise your skin, oil your hair* or Put a face mask on. AND REMEMBER NO PHONES ALLOWED! Read a magazine or listen to a podcast.

*This is an Ancient Ayurvedic ritual. Women were advised to oil their hair with castor oil on a Friday (The day of the Goddess). Castor oil can be thick and a little messy, so if that’s not your jam, try using coconut oil with a splash of apple cider vinegar (the secret to shiny hair!) and leave for 30 mins.

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