Ironically, yet perhaps not surprisingly, the one thing that seems to get in the way of our meditation practice is the reason we set out to meditate in the first place.

And that, our friends, is the mind.

It moves quicker than a power flow sequence, it attaches itself to goals like glue, it makes us fidget, it chops and changes, and it tends to rule our world.

And when the mind moves in these mysterious ways, it tends to have negative effects on our mental and physical wellbeing.

As a result, we find ways to feel better in our mind. We have to live with it every single day, so nourishing our mind with whatever makes it feel good is a no brainer. Pun intended.

According to online meditation initiative, Headspace, research from 163 different studies suggested that a mindfulness-meditation practice had an overall positive effect on improving anxiety and stress. Plus, research has found meditation to promote ‘divergent thinking,’ a type of thinking that allows many news ideas to be generated.

With this in mind, we share some of our best tips for beginning a meditation practice.

Start with five minutes or less

While we agree that sitting pleasantly for two hours to open your eyes and find yourself levitating sounds wonderful, chances are it ain’t going to happen.

Start small with five minutes or less each day, and increase when you feel ready.

Trying to ‘master’ meditation defeats the purpose of it

Remove any attachment to an end goal, because all you are doing is simply ‘being.’

Don’t get caught up in the how and the what – just be.

Practice first thing in the morning

The benefits of practicing in the morning are endless. In the morning, we are less likely to fall asleep, more aware, and perhaps already starting to think about the stress of the day ahead.

You might be propped up in your bed with a comfortable back rest or wall behind you, or you might create a little oasis in a warm corner of your home.

Wherever your special space is, head there as soon as the alarm sounds in the morning.

Find your own way of meditating

There is no right or wrong in meditating, so find something that works for you. You might feel most comfortable in silence, or with some noise around you. You might prefer meditating at night time when the world is a little quieter. If you have found your own meditation groove, don’t question if you are doing it correctly, because you already are.


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