Benefits of a Power Flow Class

There are so many different styles of yoga available these days. While some of the benefits will be the same across the board, each style has its own strengths. We love vinyasa yoga for the breath, the different shapes and transitions, and for the way it makes us feel. Here are just some of the incredible benefits of vinyasa yoga.

It helps you to be open and flexible, in the body and mind

One of the more well known benefits of yoga is the way it increases flexibility. When we are moving in and out of poses, we target a range of muscle groups at a time. Usually with some building strength and others lengthening. By doing this we allow the body to find balance and stability. Rather than simply becoming strong or open, the body can find a point in the middle.

Our power flow practice also helps us to be more open within our mind as well. As we move one breath per movement, the mind has little time to think and analyse. This helps us to become more present in the body and less up in our own heads. And as we move through all the different types of shapes available in a vinyasa practice we are bound to encounter poses or transitions that are new to us. This combination helps us to be open and clutter free in the mind, while also being ok with trying new things. When we take these qualities off the mat, things can start to shift in our everyday life. 

Builds muscle and bone density and strength

Yoga is a lot more physically taxing that some people give it credit for. There are a lot of body weight exercises in a yoga class helping us to increase lean muscle mass in the body. This not only helps us to stay strong, but also increases our metabolism, helping us to maintain a healthy weight.

Weight baring exercises also encourage bone growth. This happens as there is a mild stress on the body and the body responds accordingly, making us stronger. The beauty of yoga is this ‘mild stress’ is done without jarring or strain.

Strengthens your immune system

Lots of things are happening in the body as we practice yoga. The body and mind are able to find relaxation, even in the more strenuous classes. This allows the stress hormones in the body to balance themselves out, which helps the body fight any illness or injury as they arise. Plus, the practice stimulates the lymphatic system, which actually aids the body in getting rid of toxins.

Improves digestion

When we twist the body, the internal organs – think all those digestive organs – get gently compressed. When we release these compressions, the body sends fresh energy and blood flow, helping that part of the body function at its best. Plus digestive issues often stem from stress and we’ve already highlighted that stress is reduced during our yoga practice.

If you like the sound of any of these benefits, maybe you should add a power flow class to your weekly schedule.

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