Our Favourite Quick and Healthy Snacks

Snacks are a great thing. It’s not really a meal, but you still get to enjoy something tasty. The main problem with snacks is we tend to eat too much or the wrong thing. If we do this a lot, our health can start to suffer. But healthy snacking doesn’t have to be hard or boring. We thought we’d share some of our favourite healthy snacks for at home, at work, or on the go. So the thinking has been done for you.

Almond butter and dates

This is a perfect snack if you’re craving something that’s sweet and also feels like an indulgence. The dates are super sweet and sticky and are filled with energy to keep you going. The almond butter (or any nut butter of choice) adds the protein and good fats to make this a well-rounded snack.

A smoothie

A smoothie is a perfect option for a snack, especially if you’re at home with a blender at the ready. You can fill it with anything from fruits, nuts, protein, supplements, and everything in between. A great afternoon pick me up is a mix of almond milk, banana, cacao, cinnamon, a handful of almonds, and a spoon of coconut. You can also add spinach to any smoothie for a dose of greens without changing the flavour. 

A banana and a handful of almonds

This combination is a real winner. Bananas are packed with energy making them perfect to get you through to your next meal. They are also filled with magnesium and potassium. This is great for muscle recovery and muscle relaxation. Plus almonds are the protein and good fats you need to stay satisfied.

Apple or celery with nut butter 

This is a classic. Apples have great fiber content and the nut butter has a nice hit of fats and protein. And celery, while not filled with all that much nutritional benefits, is a great vehicle for peanut butter.

 A piece of toast with avocado

While some people are afraid of bread, if you’re eating the right kind, there is nothing wrong with a piece of toast. Whether you’re eating gluten, or on a more gluten free diet, opt for sourdough when you can and then go for breads that have limited ingredients, but lots of nuts and seeds. Top it with avocado, or any other healthy spread for a hearty and nutritious snack. 

Toasted mountain bread with dip

Sometimes you want chips and dip. While regular store bought chips can be filled with nasty oils, sugar, and other additives, you can grab some wraps, pitta bread, or mountain bread, toast them up, then serve with a healthy dip of choice. Hummus is a good option.

Greek yoghurt with cinnamon

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, yoghurt and toppings is a delicious option. Serve a snack-sized portion of Greek yoghurt (go for full fat) with cinnamon, which sweetens it. Then top it with anything from nuts, seeds, cacao, berries, or any other fruits.

Happy snacking.

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