Healthy Foods to Fuel you on Big Days

Healthy Foods to Fuel you on Big Days

When you have big days of work, exercise, and errands, it’s easy to forget to fuel your body with healthy foods. While takeaway and snacks are easy to grab, you’ll feel a whole lot better when you’re filling up on foods that are nourishing your body and supporting you to get through everything on your to-do list.


Oats are one of those foods that were super before superfoods were in. They are packed with fibre keeping you full and satisfied. They are high in protein helping your muscles to recover from training, they are packed with antioxidants, and are also said to lower the more damaging cholesterol. Make up a big batch of porridge for your morning meal and top with all the good stuff. If that’s not your style you can blend them and use them as flour in some recipes and add them to smoothies during the warmer months.


Bananas are one of the easiest foods to keep on you and eat when hunger strikes. They are filling and packed with carbs for energy, while also living in their own little container. On top of that they are full of potassium as well as iron and fibre. Eat them on their own, chuck them in a smoothie, put them in your porridge, or even smother them with some nut butter.

Nut butter

While nut butters are delicious and can be added to a range of meals, they are also high in good fats and relatively high in protein making them a great snack. Great for pre exercise as they are small in size so won’t make you feel heavy, but they’re filling so you’ll feel satisfied until you can get to another main meal. If you’re short on time and ideas a spoonful will do the trick, but you can also serve them with celery, apples, bananas, or berries for a carb fuelled snack.


Avocados are another great source of healthy fats to add to your day to fuel you. Fat is required for a whole range of processes including supporting metabolism, cell signalling, health of body tissue, hormone production, and the absorption of a range of vitamins like A and D. Avocado can be added to any salad, smoothie, or even blended with cacao to make a healthy cacao mousse.


Since it came out that eggs aren’t the devil in relation to cholesterol, you’ll see them everywhere. And there’s plenty of reason why. Eggs are insanely nutritious filled with high levels of vitamin a, folate, vitamin b5, b12, b2, phosphorus, and selenium. And smaller amounts of other vitamins and minerals. Plus they are packed with protein and healthy fats. Serve them up with some whole grains, avocado, and greens and you’ve got a perfect meal.

Protein powder or bars 

Protein is one of the most important things for keeping full throughout your day and giving your body what it needs to recovery from exercise. And depending what you’re eating it can be hard to get enough in. While whole foods are always the number one priority, a healthy protein powder with some milk is a great way to get fuel into your body fast. And if you have the time on a Sunday, make a batch of healthy protein bars and have them on hand for when you’re low on time and energy.

Whole grains 

Whole grains (brown rice, oats, wholegrain breads etc) are great for digestion due to their high fibre content. They are also filled with minerals and vitamins including magnesium, iron, zinc, plus a range of phytochemicals. They’re incredibly easy to add to your daily intake. Just make sure to go for wholegrain breads or sourdoughs over the white stuff to get all the benefits.

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