Find Your Upstate with Positivity

#FindYourUpstate. Last month we shared how important we think Gratitude is. As it’s one of the many ways we find our Upstate. And we’re back with our next topic of positivity.

Some people think that there are positive people in this world and negative people. And while that might be true, it’s not a fixed situation. Like any practice, attitude, or belief, it can change, and positivity is one that while it may come natural to some, can be practiced. Again and again.

If we look to the yoga philosophy, suffering or negativity is an ailment of a busy mind. It comes from the thinking and the worrying that is often based in comparison, consequence, past, future, the list goes on. So if we take their ideas, combine it with the idea that positivity is a learned practice, we can come out the other side with tools and ideas to help us live a life with a more positive outlook. Here are some of the ways we’ve learnt to be more positive.

Choose positivity

It might sound silly and simple, but what you look for is what you’ll find. You know when you see a blue car and think, wow I haven’t seen a blue car in a while, then all of a sudden all you see are blue cars? You get the idea. Your brain is wired to find patterns and connections. Give it a positive thought and it will hunt out more and hunt out evidence to support this positive mindset. Set your daily intention as positivity and it will help you find the silver lining, if you will, in most situations around you. Put your energy into focusing on the good. Don’t dwell on the not so good.

Become more aware of your thoughts

As the yogis say, negativity, ‘bad’, or pain comes from the mind. It’s easy for the mind to turn any situation into a negative experience if it wants to. For example you’re in a yoga class and you can hear noise outside. The yogis would say that is part of the experience of being present. A negative mind set might turn that noise into a distraction that is ruining their peace and quiet at yoga. Do you see what we mean? Allow yourself to stay on top of your thoughts and notice when they take you down a negative spiral and try to come back to the present moment.

Do things that make you feel positive

If you wanted to be fitter, you would automatically start working out more. Right? Well, if you want to increase your level of positivity and happiness, look to those activities that make you feel more positive. They’re different for all of us but things like meditation, journaling, colouring, yoga, seeing family and friends, have been seen to be common causes for more positive feelings. Find yours and engage in them on the regular.

Hang out with positive thinkers

We all have the one friend who is a negative nancy. Everything that happens to them is bad or tiring or classic them because they have bad luck. Now we don’t want you to give up on negative nancy, she needs your support too, but especially when you need a lift, seek out those people who make you feel happier, brighter, and more positive.


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